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Tenant Handbook

After-Hours HVAC

The building HVAC systems are maintained by the building’s engineering team. All requests for temperature changes must be made through the Angus work order system. No adjustments to thermostats or tampering with any of the equipment should be performed by the Tenant.

8270: Temperature control is limited to multiple zones of up 4 offices per thermostat. Adjusting the temperature for one office will cause the other offices in that zone to also be affected. Please keep everyone’s comfort in consideration when making a request.

8260/8280: The core HVAC system is split into 2 main zones per floor for temperature control. Tenants do have access to the perimeter heat pumps along the exterior windows and can make changes to the temperatures as desired. These are tied into the building’s automation system and will turn on and off with the buildings hours of operations. Tenants do not need to turn these off at the end of each day.

After hours HVAC can be scheduled for any day and time desired through the Angus tenant work order system. Please give at least 24 hour notice to insure adequate time to complete the request. Also note that only requests from individuals listed on the authorization form will be processed.