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Tenant Handbook

Mold Prevention

It is our goal to provide a quality environment for our tenants. As we are sure you're aware, the presence of mold may have adverse health effects for you and may impact building materials. Therefore, we have implemented a Water and Mold Prevention Response Program to reduce the likelihood and impact of mold growth within your premises and the building. While we are sure that the below restates the practices, responsibilities, and guidelines that you already follow, we repeat them because, under this Program, some of the responsibility for preventing mold growth lies with you.

The following are tenant responsibilities under this Program:

  • Notify Building Management immediately in the event of any observed water intrusion (e.g., plumbing leaks, roof leaks, large volume liquid spills, excessive condensation, etc.) either within the premises or within the interior or exterior common areas of the building.
  • Pursuant to your lease obligations and in consultation with TRANSWESTERN, Inc., take appropriate action when a water intrusion or mold growth situation is identified including securing qualified remediation contractors and mold consultants.
  • Provide TRANSWESTERN, Inc. with written confirmation that any related work that you undertake has been completed.

The following guidelines are provided to limit mold growth on the property:

  • Clean and dry damp/wet areas as soon as possible.
  • Keep indoor plants to a reasonable number
  • Dry out mops and cleaning supplies before storing indoors.
  • Wipe condensate from interior windows and sills.
  • Use bathroom exhaust fans at all times.
  • Vent  range  hoods,   and  other  moisture-generating  appliances  to  the  exterior  of  the  building  (if applicable).
  • Operate the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system properly and fully serviced, which includes keeping condensate drain pans clean and unobstructed.