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Tenant Handbook

Completion of Work

The following information must be submitted to Management before Ownership shall acknowledge work as being complete:  

  • Architect’s affidavit.
  • One set of as-built CAD, PDF and physical drawings.
  • Evidence that Tenant’s work has been paid for.
  • Copies of all certificates from government authorities.
  • O&M manuals
  • Copies of all guarantees and/or warranties.
  • HVAC Air Balancing Report.
  • Release of Liens (Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplies, etc.)
  • Completion of all Punch-list items following substantial completion of Contractor’s Work.         Certificate of Occupancy  

*The completion of these items in no way shall effect or be considered as the tenant’s acceptance of the Premises.   

Contractor's Acknowledgement:


I have read, understand and agree to observe the above Construction Rules and Regulations General

Contractor: __________________________________                   


              Date:_________________________________                                                                                 Project Manager/Superintendant:______________________________________________


        Date: ______________________________________________________________